It takes a while to get started

Posted on May 22, 2009


After trying to get some sure footing over the last few weeks, with a general all purpose blog, I think focus is what I need to do to keep this site relevant, usable and helpful.

After reading a few blog driven sites like InDesign Secrets, The InDesigner, Just Write Click, Tech Write Tips the MAD forums in the last few weeks and even Paul Thurrot’s Super Site on Windows , perhaps a narrower focus isn’t a bad thing. (I know, they aren’t all blog driven sites) Nonetheless, I’ll be making a change for the better in the coming weeks in terms of the scope of each post. I’ll be narrowing my focus to a series of short articles, frequently asked questions and posts on a specific suite of tools to be yet unnamed.

Though this is a first atttempt, I’ll be improving how I approach writing and structuring better for a blog.

I think I may have just found a niche area to explore.

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