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Learning more–blogs, webinars, tutorials, articles

February 22, 2012


My absence from this blog has started to show. There are lots of resources on the MadCap Software suite of products that I have been missing out on. There is a collection of recorded tutorials and webinars that cover wide ranging topics. For example, there is a a recorded webinar on making your content mobile […]

Syntax highlighting of code blocks with Prettify

February 22, 2012


If you have code blocks in your documentation with syntax that you want to color or emphasize, you want to see this blog post by Jenny Watson. In the post, Jenny Watson outlines a method of coloring code for API documentation with Prettify, a syntax highlighter by Google. See samples of syntax highlighting of code […]

It takes a while to get started

May 22, 2009


After trying to get some sure footing over the last few weeks, with a general all purpose blog, I think focus is what I need to do to keep this site relevant, usable and helpful. After reading a few blog driven sites like InDesign Secrets, The InDesigner, Just Write Click, Tech Write Tips the MAD […]

Windows Foundation Server, Madcap Softwear and AutoPilot for GMAIL

April 2, 2009


April 2009 started this week with big changes going on in the software, services, and technical communication industry, with major news breaking the  headlines in the industry. The following are some of the major highlights. Google released a new time-saving application, AutoPilot for time strapped users of the popular gmail  web-enabled mail service As more […]

Discovering Windows Live Writer: Blogs and technical writers

March 10, 2009


Discovered LiveWriter today through IT Author on WordPress. If there’s a ‘text editor for writers’ to be emulated, this is it.  Its a model for ‘online’ and even offline text editors. Google Docs it is not. Expecting an ad-driven application of sorts in the vein of Live Messenger, you will be surprised. No ads. No […]