March 2, 2012
October 23, 2011

News: MadCap Lingo 5 released

September 5, 2011


MadCap Lingo, the translation management component of the MadPak suite is now in its fifth iteration.


Flare on YouTube, gold support for trial evaluators

July 26, 2011


A quick roundup of events I have simply missed. For some reason, there are actually a bunch of YouTube videos on MadCap Flare. A handful were posted in 2010, but should still be interesting to watch or just for about anyone to catch up. I’ll include links to a few of them. You’ll probably be […]

News: MadCap FeedBack 4 released. MadCap Flare 7 gets a release update

July 8, 2011


A new version of MadCap Feedback 4 server was just announced. Head on to the web site to learn more. Along with this news was a notification of an update for MadCap Flare 7 users. Upgrade to the latest 7.1 version. The new version includes numerous bug fixes and some adjustments to existing features. […]

The MadCap Software blog is now in a new location

May 8, 2011


The official MadCap Software blog is now at It was previously hosted on wordpress at A quick visit to the page, shows a lot of interesting new posts. I highly recommend giving the link a shot. On another note, I probably haven’t been updating this blog often enough with Flare related tips and […]